Klubmed is an audiovisual project by Storlon Infloria, Andrés Marcos and Jonathan Mangelinckx based in Wallis, Zurich and Bruxelles.

The trio got in contact working for an international collective of artists based in Berlin. They act since years together on different projects.

The two musicians complement each other: one has an instrumental background and is trained jazz musician, the other is a cable and module magician with an inexhaustible electronic culture knowledge. The two diametrically different visions attract themselves creating a special blend.

The purpose is to explore, design, create, develop, perform, improvise, take risk, break (some rules), fly away, come back, restart.

Each performance is unique and unrepeatable. Even the setup used varies accordingly to mood, requirements and venue. Freedom in music is achieved thru structured improvisations within the design, concept and creative process.

It is like booking an holiday with a good travel agency with comfortable planes, hotels and restaurants but without knowing the destination.
Curious? Don’t be shy, come in…


Photos courtesy of Thierry Sermier – www.thierrysermier.com